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Emergency Dial 911       Firehouse: 451-0091       City Hall: 455-3230       Bridgeton Police: 451-0033       Health Department: 327-7602


Office of the Fire Chief

The Bridgeton Fire Department operates under the direction of Chief David E. Schoch, who was appointed as interim chief on April 16, 1999.  Chief Schoch was appointed full time chief pending the NJ Department of Personnel's Chief Test on December 1, 2001.  On May 10, 2003 Chief David E, Schoch was sworn in as the first career chief in the Department's 127 year history.


Chief Schoch, who also serves as the appointed Fire Official for the City of Bridgeton, may be reached at his office  Monday through Friday at (856) 451-0091.  The Chief's office is located on the second floor of the firehouse.  For urgent messages after office hours, the on-duty shift commander can reach Chief Schoch.  Please call (856) 451-0091 to reach the shift commander.





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Disclaimer:  The information provided on this web site is intended to provide news, informative content and general information for the public.  It is not intended to take the place of or conflict with any City of Bridgeton or Bridgeton Fire Department policy, statements or actions.  For official statements about emergency events, Fire Department policy or any other information for legal or official use, please contact Fire Chief David Schoch.

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Fire Incidents:

2011: 1279

2010: 1137

2009: 1181

2008: 1210

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2005: 851

2004: 873

2003: 895

2002: 946

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EMS Incidents:

2011: 4784

2010: 4661

2009: 4677

2008: 4558